Dear Customers,

    As we all know the country is in a disastrous pandemic/virus let's hope all the measures adopted by the government work.

I have had some customers cancel/reschedule orders for cakes due to the situation.

I have been advised from the cake federation body and using their advice I have decided to send you this message.

If customers want to carry on with their order that is not a problem at present, I can safely accommodate this.

If customers want to cancel their order, I can accommodate this also. I can reschedule their orders for a later date in the future when they are ready if required.

The non-refundable deposit is instigated as such to protect the business against cancelled orders whereby costs have already been spent on decorations/ingredients for individual cakes.

But due to the current situation I will also be able to transfer this deposit to your re-schedule new date or if this is not applicable, I can issue a credit note against cakes you will require in the future once the pandemic/virus has gone and we are back to normal.

I am doing this so no one actually loses their deposit because of the current situation.

Kind Regards
Cakes By Walshy


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